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Bravo x Log Dog 2054
Owned with Simpson Livestock

We are beyond excited to introduce Border War!! In March my
son and I took a trip to Simpson Livestock to look at pigs, little
did I know I'd lay eyes on a day old buck lamb that was as expressive as any lamb I'd ever seen at that age. We kept a close
eye on him through the summer, and Jason Simpson offered us
an opportunity to be apart of Border War. Border War
(Bravo x Log Dog 2054), is the maternal brother to Rumor, their Dam is a flushmate to Dirty Dog and Fear Factor. With a push to maintain muscle and power while making sheep with look and skeletal correctness, we feel fortunate to have had this opportunity!! At Dona Livestock we have 20 Plus ET babies and another 15
AI babies on the ground and we are ecstatic!!
Thank you Simpson Livestock!!!!! 

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Border War x Sermon (Obsession Mom)
Owned with Merlin Chenoweth

This was easily our keeper buck lamb from the 2017 Border War Flushes!
This one is Cracked Open in the rib. Is as wide as any in
the pins and Huge stifled. His first crop is loaded with power and
creased up everywhere. Being damed by our great 45 donor that
has also produced Obsession, we are looking forward to lining him up for powerful consistent winning lambs.

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Street Cred
Bar Fight x Red Dirt (donor 4037)
Owned with: Allred Elliott, Elliot Club Lambs,
Dona Livestock & Hornecker Livestock

This dude is loaded with power!
Posses an obnoxious hip and butt.

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Rockpile X Sermon
Owned with Stewart Club Lambs

In August of 2015, we dug deep and bought the lead Ewe off Allred/Elliott's Early Bird Online Bred Ewe Sale, Sermon x 
Log Dog, bred to Rockpile. That deal turned out great for us!  Obsession is the very popular Ram Lamb from our barn in 2016!
 I had a feeling he was the next piece we needed with his absolute structural correctness, an enormous hip and pin set, good 
stifle shape, tremendous shape over his rack, and all the bone 
and leg wool you could want. Hence we were Obsessed with his potential. His lambs in 2017, were awesome and his lambs now in 2018, are even better as he continues to out sire himself over
and over again. We sold 2 stud bucks out of him in 2017, retained several daughters which have lambed this year and done a great
job, and he sired the Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe in
Belle Fourche, SD last summer. 

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Royal Flush

100 X Log Dog
Owned with Elliott Club Lambs

He's extremely correct and being sired by Simpson's 100 buck
adds loads of muscle shape here. When this one was born he was grooved up with muscle bulging everywhere like I have never
before seen on a newborn, his lambs are possessing a
captivating look andl loads of muscle shape.
Royal Flush has found a nice little niche here in our flocks!

Picture coming soon!  


TA x Monster x Composure (7013 Zenyatta's Mom)
Owned with Stewart Club Lambs

This deal here is intriguing, he was born in late April 2016 out of what has turned out to be maybe our best ewe purchase, 3219
see Ewe Page.  He was green as a baby but his skeleton left me intrigued and we kept him intact.  When we sheared him off in April 2017 the Stewart Family and myself were blown away with his raw power and muscle shape.  We always knew he was shallow chested and big footed, but to see the rest of him with his cloths off was impressive.  Stewart's immediately bought in half interest and I
made the hard decision to move Entity on to Colorado in order to make room for Courage.  We are excited to have a power piece that ties in perfectly to our bloodlines.  We still haven't found the time to picture this guy but we will.  Look for a sampling of his lambs at all of our sales this spring, they'll impress!




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Choad x Swamp Donkey
RRNN Twin brother to the
Reserve Junior Champion Hampshire Ram 2015 MWSRS.
Owned with Allred/Elliot

This is a really special Ram Lamb, Bred and Raised by Allred/Elliott. We feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity to own part of this Ram with Allred/Elliott's.
He has settled several ewes for our 2016 lamb crop and sired 12 embryos we transferred the last week of August! He's neat to look at folks, yet loaded with muscle!

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TA x Composure
Owned with Allred/Elliott and Stewart Club lambs

.30-06 is sired by one of the more prominent stud rams in the industry and a special thanks goes out to Clay Elliot for this opportunity. Here is a buck that is loaded with power from the tip
of his nose to the end of his tail. He has a giant, square rack with
a deep groove, flat loin, and tons of shape from behind. Extra deep through his twist and inner thigh. He's great footed, sound, and
has plenty of bone and white leg wool. From the side he has a
neat chest, loose flank line, and is level. .30-06 daughters are making a big impact in our flock.

He sired 6 of the top 10 ultra sound lambs at
the 2014 Central Wyoming Fair!






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High Head x McIllrath Ewe
Owned with Stewart Club Lambs
HD1221, was purchased from Darrel Tiltrum!  When I laid eyes on him as a Ram Lamb, I had to have him.  HD is as Trendy as they get for being a suffolk.  He is cracked WIDE OPEN through the ribs and carries a deep groove!  He is dead level through the hip and square butted.  For a suffolk he is fairly moderate and will add plenty of bone.  We are really anticipating crossing HD on our .30-06 daughters, could be flawless!    

Bear Claw
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51 x Hardcore Driller
Owned with Allred/Elliott, Hornecker Livestock and
Elliott Club Lambs

This guy incorporates the necessary power, expression, and substance without forgetting rib shape, elevation and look.  We’re excited about this guy! We didn't make this purchase until late October 2017.  Clay used him pretty Hard for March babies this
year and we'll be using him as one of our lead sires in Aug for our 2019 Crop.  The Anticipation is high as we have been waiting for
the right 51 son to come along for our program.


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