Ear tag # 3331

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This Ovation daughter purchased form Clay Elliot is arguably the best looking
ewe on the place. This gal is elegant,
stout hipped and muscular with a captivating look of balance.
In 2015, she Damed our best keeper
ewe lamb and had the top selling lamb
in our annual lamb sale. For 2016, we flushed her to Entity giving us 13 embryos and again our best keeper ewe lamb, another sold to Colorado and another to Stewart Club Lambs which is arguably their best young ewe in their barn. For 2017, she produced 17 embryos and for 2018, 19 embryos - we have several on the ground now from the latest flush.
She is a stud ewe no question!

Ear tag #3219
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Monster x Composure
(Bred & Raised by Allred Elliot)

This little lady is dammed by one of 
Clay Elliot's foundation females, 
7013 Composure (Zenyatta's mother).  3219 is a maternal sister
to DeSpains Hippy, Simpsons Bootlegger and Chabots Outlier 
and sister's that have topped sales and is certainly one of the 
elite maternal lines in the business. 3219 is sired by Monster
(Trunk x Composure) so this female is line-bred Composure. She has damed Courage our 2016 TA son owned with Stewart Club Lambs.
Last year she damned an Entity ewe lamb that was Reserve Champion
at Weston County Fair and is now at work in the Elliott Club Lamb flock, and this year she has an OBSESSION Daughter that is extremely impressive and easily our best lamb in our 2018 crop
3219 has hit on 3 different bucks and will be flushed in Aug. 2018
This is a great female line!

All In (4345)
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All In (4345)
Rockpile x Mayhem (0041 Donor)
Owned with Stewart Club Lambs and Elliott Club Lambs

This female is out of a 2015 Flush at Allred/Elliott. 
She is sired by Rockpile and dammed by Rockpile's mother. 
Line-bred and extra special. She has a full sister at work in Fisher's flock in Idaho and another sister in at the Grotegut family of Texas. 
This one has the genetic blend of a donor and her visual attributes certainly lend herself to that as well. She was flushed for 2018 lambs and we currently have 8 babies on the ground. Peas in a pod and looking the part, with a couple of Buck prospects in the making. This female is very special and was the lead ewe off Allred/Elliott's very popular
Early Bird Online Bred Ewe Sale in 2016.
It's not often that one of the caliber comes available so a group of us went "All In". This gal is awesome and her lambs will be
extra wooly and very muscular!



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Bar Fight x Enigma

This Ewe lamb we teamed up with
Elliott Club lambs to purchase from Allred/Elliott. She is the 2017 Champion Wether Dam at the Crossroads of the West show in Utah! She is one powerful girl and has a huge rear end "Shaker", she just recently had a promising ewe lamb for us and Shaker is destined to the
Donor barn very soon. 
We expect big things from this gal!
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